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Table Templates

Example 1. Two Way ANOVA

This standard example from agriculture involves studying the influence of two factors, namely water treatment and the amount of fertilizer, on the height of a plant. The plants can be subjected to different watering frequencies, such as daily or weekly, and treated with three types of fertilizers. Therefore, in this scenario, we have two factors influencing the outcome (plant height), leading us to apply a two-way ANOVA.

Example 2. Kruskal-Wallis test

In the following standard example, we are studying the effect of different types of fertilizers on plant height. Let’s say you have several types of fertilizers (e.g., organic, synthetic, and mineral), and you want to determine if there are any significant differences in plant height among these fertilizer types. So, we study the influence of one factor on the outcome. In such a scenario, the table for DataExplorer should look like the image below.