ABout this project

Our MissioN

Developing a user-friendly and easily accessible online application that helps users understand data. We are implementing the most important tools allowing beginners and seasoned professionals to perform data analysis with ease.

DataExplorer project currently operates under the Association for the International Development of Academic and Scientific Collaboration (AIDASCO)

Meet the team behind DataExplorer

Dr. Sanja Armaković

Statistics Applications

Experimental chemist, Assistant Professor of statistical methods in chemistry, co-founder of AIDASCO and atomistica.online

Dr. Maria Savanović

Training support

Experimental chemist, Analytical chemistry, Research Assistant @ Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, co-founder of AIDASCO

Dr. Stevan Armaković

Web apps developer

Computational physicist, Assistant Professor of programming and modeling in physics, co-founder of AIDASCO, developer of atomistica.online